About Us

Jobelevation is a new way to do proactive job search in the startup / digital space and to do it in a natural manner… visually. The idea for Job Elevation came from a consistent need that founder, Feargall Kenny, saw amongst sales candidates he talked to for his recruiting firm Glenborn. They were frustrated by being forced to be reactive in their job search in the digital and startup spaces. These sales professionals are trained in the art of proactively hunting for sales yet proactively hunting to discover interesting jobs and companies is simply too hard. Ironically the tools to take such a proactive approach are there but they aren’t organized logically. Those key tools are.

Job Elevation was created to combine these tools in one place with unique visual navigation for the benefit of Sales Professionals. The days of the ugly Google-esque search box and listings approach to job search is over! Visualize your next sales opportunity with Job Elevation.

Job Elevation was founded by Feargall Kenny who runs Glenborn Corporation, a boutique search firm for B2B web technology sales professionals. Feargall was also the founder of Hiresignals, a platform that allowed candidates to proactively declare their job search status on Linkedin. Originally from Ireland he also runs the NY Digital Irish group which aims to help Irish startups break into the US.